Elderly woman arrested for not returning football

Edna Jester, 89, of Blue Ash, Ohio, was arrested for taking a football away from kids in her neighborhood. Apparently, the ball kept landing in her yard and she was fed up. She refused police demands for her to return the ball, so they arrested her for petty theft. From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

"That's my only way of getting through to these children," Edna Jester said. "I'll give it back to them later, but not right now…"

(The father of the boy who owned the ball) said he never wanted Jester to be arrested.

"I just wanted the ball back," Tanis said. "My son paid for the ball with his own money."

Tanis said she has kept about 10 balls – basketballs and soccer balls – belonging to his children that went into her yard. Jester said she has kept only three.

Woman, 89, arrested for keeping football (Thanks, Rick Pescovitz!)