Woman who has spent her life smelling like a rotten fish is diagnosed with genetic condition

The Medical Journal of Australia reports that a woman who has complained of smelling like a rotting fish for most of her life has been diagnosed with a genetic condition that causes her to emit a disagreeable odor.

The woman has been diagnosed with an incurable genetic condition called trimethylaminuria, or fish malodour syndrome, which affects the smell of sweat, breath and urine.

"The characteristic body odour resembling rotting fish can be intermittent, variable and influenced by diet, hormones and medications," her doctors said in the Medical Journal of Australia.

Here's a video about another woman who has this unfortunate condition. "It's not just body odor, it can fill an entire room. And recently it filled an auditorium. It's a very heavy, dark, deep, intense smell."

Unfortunately, there's no cure.

Woman's fishy-smelling mystery solved