Cell phone thief takes phonecam shot of himself

This Cincinnati, Ohio gentleman snatched a cell phone from a lost, deaf woman who had gotten out of her car to look for a street sign. Later, Gary Walker, 24, took a phonecam shot of himself. A few weeks after the robbery, the victim, Ashlee Hutchens, downloaded her data from the phone network into a new handset and Walker's photo popped up. Police then sent it out to the media and subsequently arrested Walker. From Cincinnati Enquirer:

"All of a sudden his picture came up and (Ashlee) said, 'Oh my god, Mom, that's him and that's the shirt he had on,'" Christine Hutchens said.

"I get very upset when the elderly, kids or handicapped people become victims of these offenses," said Officer Tamar Skelly, who is with Crime Stoppers.

Cell phone suspect in cell (Thanks, Charles Pescovitz!)

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