Disabled boy to lose his tiny pony because the neighbours don't like the smell

A disabled boy in a rural Ontario town may have to give up the miniature pony that he rides as part of his therapy and for his basic mobility. The family's neighbours (who border on a friggin' cow farm) have complained about the smell.

The boy can't walk or crawl, and Emily is part of his therapy regime.

"When we take him off the pony he cries. Even if he's tired he doesn't want to leave her,'' his mother, Antonia Spiteri, said today.

But at the end of July, the town notified the Spiteris the pony had to be removed due to the complaints…

''The cows go right up to their property too. We thought, 'You're kidding – seven cows to one miniature pony?' We were quite shocked by what we thought was a joke at first."

Caledon bylaw enforcement manager Glenn Blakely said the Spiteris' one-acre property is zoned as rural residential and is too small to house a miniature pony.

Town threatens to evict disabled boy's pony

(via Mighty God King)