UK Big Brother Awards for 2008

Glyn sez,

The UK Big Brother Awards are to recognise some of the people who have been trying to keep the monsters of state and corporate mass surveillance , snooping and control at bay.

The 2008 UK Big Brother Awards Roll of Honour

* Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP – one of the Liberal Democrat Members of the European Parliament whose Human Rights Committee has been trying to stem the onslaught of necessarily repressive legislation in the past few years.

* Phil Booth, the National Coordinator of the cross political party NO2ID Campaign -against the Database State. Phil was recently described as the "hardest man in NGO-world".

* Helen Wallace from GeneWatch UK, who did so much to help educate politicians and lawyers and the media about the counterproductive evil policy of keeping innocent people's DNA tissue samples and DNA profiles, seemingly for ever, This has been overturned in the very recent European Court of Human Rights judgement in the Marper case.

* Gareth Crossman – retiring Director of Policy at Liberty Human Rights

* Becky Hogge – retiring Executive Director of the Open Rights Group

* Rt. Hon. David Davis MP, the fomer Conservative Shadow Home Affairs spokesman, who was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Haltemprice and Howden, on the principles of freedom and liberty.

The evil Big Brother Award was awarded simply to New Labour.

UK Big Brother Awards – boos for NuLabour, hurrahs for Sarah Ludford, Phil Booth, Helen Wallace, Gareth Crossman, Becky Hogge and David Davis

(Thanks, Glyn!)