CC licensed book uses Bauhaus to teach design software

Michael Mandiberg sez,

Digital Foundations takes the formal principles and exercises of the Bauhaus and uses them to teach hands on design software exercises. These are supplemented with historical visual examples from the public domain and contemporary creative commons licensed work. As Media Arts professors my co-author xtine burrough and I were tired of design software books that left out aesthetics, and history. Or worse: gave terrible examples complete with author's vacation photographs, drop shadows, and the watercolor filter!

We are thrilled to have the book in print… with a Creative Commons license! This is a first for AIGA Design Press, New Riders, and Peachpit, and the result of 9 months of negotiation. The whole book was written on a wiki and that is all available for use under a CC license.

We are reaping the fruit of that license already: February 6-8 Adam Hyde and his crew are going to come to Eyebeam in NYC to translate the book from Adobe to FLOSS applications.

Digital Foundations is IN PRINT!,

Digital Foundations on Amazon

(Thanks, Michael!)