Extraordinary Shoes One Would Not Want to See on the Feet of One's Blind Date.

Susannah Breslin has a knack for finding unusually… um… unusually unusual fashion and footwear designs on the internet. Here's an excerpt from a post she did about some shoe finds at a website she visits periodically for wacked-out shoe designs.

In addition to the fact that several are eight inches high and upwards, some glow in the dark, there's ones with built-in tip jars, and a few include rubber duckies. And you thought those gold spiked Louboutins were hardcore. But it wasn't until my most recent visit that I found the men's section. Therein I discovered the mind-boggling pair you see here. The model is "Pimp."

Would You Date A Man Who Wears These Shoes? (thefrisky.com)