Black Dynamite

(NSFW, contains nudity and sexual references) Goddamn, Black Dynamite looks good. It's hard to imagine this movie not being awesome, if it's anywhere close to what the trailer promises in glorious "anamorphic duovision." Every second of the preview looks great. Movie just sold for $2MM at Sundance, to the jive motherfuckers at Sony. Worth its weight in CIA ghetto smack. This analysis of the essential elements of blaxploitation by the filmmakers is ROFL-arious:

# Stick it to The Man: Black paranoia is usually right in there. There's usually this conspiratorial thing that The Man is plotting your doom. There's a lot of real blaxploitation movies that involve a plot to exterminate black people. It's a constant storyline. In these movies, white people spend 95% of their time coming up with plots against black people.

# White people by the pool: Every one of those ['70s blaxploitation flicks] depicted white people beside a swimming pool. We actually had that scene, but we cut it. A lot of times they were older character actors.

# The exploding car off a cliff: Cars always exploded for no reason.

# Bad physics: When somebody got shot, they would often fall the wrong direction.

# Random theater actors: You had really terrible actors alongside these theater actors trying to be drug dealers, but they'd over-enunciate everything.

(Thanks, Coop!)