Ryanair will fine passengers who board with too much carry-on

Ryanair — easily the worst non-Russian airline I've ever flown — will now fine passengers 30 Euros if they're caught with overlarge carry-ons. This is against the backdrop of Ryanair's 10-20 Euro bagcheck fee, which has prompted many travellers to try to beat the system with carry-ons. Now, I hate selfish jerks who fill every compartment with their carry-ons as much as the next guy, but it's hard to imagine how giving Ryanair's already vicious flight attendants the power to issue on-the-spot fines and boot off passengers who won't pay will improve the situation much.

For context, the last time I flew Ryanair, it was from London Stansted to Berlin (supposedly). After keeping us on the ground for an hour, they boarded us, then announced that we were not going to Berlin, as we'd missed our landing window, and would instead land in a secondary airport near Munich, sometime after midnight, and that coaches would be by before 3AM for the three hour journey to Berlin. The return trip wasn't much better: Ryanair called us to the gate an hour early, then locked us in there with no toilets. After we boarded, I needed to tap a kidney, but the flight attendant said I'd have to wait another hour until we taxied, took off and attained altitude. When I argued, he threatened to have me arrested.

It's not really any wonder that this airline would start issuing "fines" to passengers — they already treat them like prisoners.

Ryanair to ticket passengers who try to cheat the baggage system

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