Principles of the American Cargo Cult — the beliefs that make bad argument

This brief, snappy, somewhat depressing article on "Principles of the American Cargo Cult" tries to sketch the characteristics of "misbeliefs [that] constantly underlie bad arguments in public debate."

To this I'd add: "The plural of anaecdote is fact."

All interconnection is apparent

* Otherwise, complicated explanations would be necessary.

The end supports the explanation of the means

* A successful person's explanation of the means of his success is highly credible by the very fact of his success.

You can succeed by emulating the purported behavior of successful people

* This is the key to the cargo cult. To enjoy the success of another, just mimic the rituals he claims to follow.
Your idol gets the blame if things don't work out, not you.

You have a right to your share

* You get to define your share.
* Your share is the least you will accept without crying injustice.
* Celebrate getting more than your share.

Principles of the American Cargo Cult

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