US Airways bumps Flight 1549 survivors up to super-elite status for a year

United Airlines US Airways is giving the survivors of flight 1549 (which crashed without fatalities in the Hudson River last month) free one-year super-elite status, with all the perks that entails — lounge privileges, upgrades, etc. Consumerist doesn't think much of this (and neither do many of the passengers), but I actually think it's a pretty nice perk (though it shouldn't be the only one, and surely it should be lifetime, if not hereditary).

Some who were on the plane – brought down by a flock of geese after takeoff from La Guardia Airport on Jan. 15 – said the temporary tease of first-class perks is for the birds.

"I think if you survive a plane crash, being upgraded permanently is a good gesture too," said Fred Berretta, 41, of Charlotte, NC, where the Airbus A320 was headed.

Manhattanite Tess Sosa, who escaped the sinking plane with her husband and two small children, thought the airline was too focused on self-congratulations – and "they want to exonerate themselves as much as they can."

"They are happy they had such amazing results, and they applaud themselves, and then give us a small token?" she said. "That's how I take it."


(via Consumerist)