NASA-sponsored Singularity University offers grad courses in accelerating technological change

David sez, "With help from Google and NASA, the Singularity University is being unveiled today. Its objective is preparing humanity to best face its challenges, using the tools that the accelerating technological change makes possible. These tools don't emerge spontaneously from the background noise of economic or scientific activities: they have to be actively pursued, and sometimes are the application of the intersection of apparently distant fields.

And the best part is that the materials of the Singularity University are going to be published under Creative Commons Attribution license!"

A number of exponentially growing technologies (bio, nano, info, etc.) will massively increase human intelligence and capability and fundamentally reshape our future. This concept, known as the Technological Singularity, as advanced by Ray Kurzweil, warrants the creation of an academic institution whose students and faculty will study these technologies, with an emphasis on their interactions, and help to guide the process for the benefit of humanity and its environment.

Singularity University

(Thanks, David!)