Today on Offworld


Today on Offworld, Jim Rossignol came through with his regular Ragdoll Metaphysics column and, just as I'd hoped, gave the clearest explanation of the recent Goonswarm/Band of Brothers corporate dissolution in Eve Online as any I've read to date. It's a concise wrap-up for "the rest of us": how it happened, what it means in terms of dollars and man hours lost, and how it will shape the future of the game's universe.

Elsewhere we got an extended look at the upcoming iPhone puzzler Heroes and Villains (above), showing what exactly the developers meant when they called it "Lemmings meets The Lost Vikings meets Awesome", and saw what it might have been like if Grand Theft Auto IV was on the Spectrum ZX.

Finally, we saw another behind the scenes look at the making of Xbox Live Arcade beat-em-up Castle Crashers, were pleased to hear that the upcoming Left 4 Dead DLC will be free, coveted Pac-Man ghost lamps that we don't think actually exist, and, as linked before and most wonderfully, revealed that four Giant Robot artists and four indie game all-stars will be creating four new games to be publicly unveiled at a San Francisco exhibition at the end of GDC.