Chess set wherein the pieces kibbitz to each other and to you

Democratic Chess is a project by Michael Marcovici to create a kibbitzing chess-set based on the sentient chesspeople in Through the Looking Glass. As you move the pieces, they chatter with you and among themselves about the wisdom of your moves.

Democratic Chess is Chess game where each figure is made of an IP-WLan-network camera each capable of looking arround, listening and talking to the other figures as well as the 2 real person players. With this technology there are many different ways how to play the Game, the next move can be decided in a democratic way among the Figures or they are allowed to discuss with the players and each other the next moves, but at the End the 2 player make the moves. I am currently working on this project , the technology is working already, I plan to finish it within a couple of weeks.


(via Futurismic)