Kangaroo Court: a video explaining New Zealand's new "guilt-on-accusation" anti-Internet law

Nat sez,

Day 3 of the protest against a braindead copyright law sees the release of an illustrative animation, Kangaroo Court, and the planning of protests in Wellington and Auckland. A Parliamentary Question was asked by Labour, namely "what will you do given the public opposition to the bill?" and the response from the National party Minister was essentially, "we'll help the ISPs and the music industry come up with a code of conduct"–i.e., keep the law.

So it appears the (now out of power) party that created the law isn't as fond of it as once they were, and the current ruling party is trying to figure out whether it wants to continue to burn political capital by supporting a law created by the former Government. As one commentator observes, "It is interesting the breadth of opposition to this law. Many ACT supporters are aghast at the cost to business, the addition of another badly defined regulation. While many Greens and Labour supporters on the left are aghast at the threat to freedom of speech, and innocence until proven guilty."

#Blackout Kangaroo Court

(Thanks, Gnat!)