Nurses fired for taking photos of patient's x-rays (of his rectum, complete with lodged object)

Two nurses in Wisconsin were fired after allegedly taking phonecam shots of a patient's x-rays depicting a sex toy stuck in his rectum. One of the nurses is accused of then posting the photo she snapped to her Facebook page. From

The patient was admitted to the emergency room with an object lodged in his rectum. Police said the nurse explained she and a co-worker snapped photos when they learned it was a sex device. Police said discussion about the incident was posted on her Facebook page, but they haven't found anyone who actually saw the pictures.

The nurse removed her Facebook page from the Internet last week. Without more, (Walworth County Undersheriff Kurt) Picknell said this conduct does not appear to violate any state laws. He has referred the case to the FBI.

"Nurses Fired Over Cell Phone Photos Of Patient" (Thanks, Gil Kaufman!)