Leaked transcript of Raiders of the Lost Ark story-meeting

Here's a leaked, 125-page transcript of the brainstorming session that begat Raiders of the Lost Arc, a sit-down in 1978 with Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Lawrence Kasdan. Spielberg and Lucas veritably fizz with ideas.

G – What can he chase them with? What if he jumps on a camel?

S – I love it. It's a great idea. There's never been a camel chase before.

L – Is this camel going to chase a car?

S – You know how fast a camel can run? Not only that, he can jump over vegetable carts and things. It could be a funny chase that ends in tragedy. You're laughing your head off and suddenly, "My God, she's dead…"

S – We still have the big fight in the moving truck to do. And now we have a camel chase.

G – We've added another million dollars.

S – Not really. How much trouble can a camel be?

The "Raiders" Story Conference

(via Waxy)