Manchester's streets to be patrolled by CCTV cars that film you picking your nose at the wheel and then send you a fine

Pete sez, "Seems that Manchester police in the UK have decided to deploy CCTV camera cars (in Smart cars) to keep a better eye on motorists at junctions etc. This is getting so completely crazy it's not true.

I'm rereading Little Brother at the moment, and in the 9 months or so since I read it the first time I can't believe how much more realistic it's become."

We've got these all over London — I like to chase them through the streets with my camera.

Anyone seen driving while distracted – eating at the wheel, playing with the radio or applying make-up for instance – is filmed by the cameras.

Later, a letter is sent to the owner of the car, in many cases along with a fine.

Anyone caught using their mobile will be asked to pay £60 and have three points added to their licence. Fines could also be handed out to anyone who is thought to be driving without due care and attention, or similar offences.

CCTV cars snap distracted drivers

(Thanks, Pete!)