Dangerous terrorists arrested in the UK weren't

Remember the urgent raids British cops conducted two weeks ago after the names of potential terrorists leaked when a top official got out of a cab, holding a top secret memo that the newspapers photographed and published?

Remember how this publication had the potential to tip off these scary terrorists about their impending arrests?

Turns out that the police didn't find any evidence, though they held the men for 13 days. Then they let them go.

All of 12 men arrested over a suspected bomb plot in the UK have now been released without charge by police.

Eleven of the men have been transferred to the custody of the UK Borders Agency and now face possible deportation.

The Crown Prosecution Service said there was insufficient evidence to press charges or hold them any longer.

The Muslim Council of Britain said the government behaved "very dishonourably" over the treatment of the men should admit it had made a mistake.

No charges after anti-terror raid

(via Schneier)