Disney at the 1964 World's Fair — massive 5-disc box-set of audio rarities from the beating heart of my Disneyfetish

Jon sez, "Walt Disney Records has finally released its long-delayed box set of audio from Disney's 1964 World's Fair attractions. (Perhaps you've already sampled it.) It's a fabulous package and a must-have for Disney park fans."

This audio goes straight into the beating heart of what fascinates me about Disney: the use of immersive, mass technology to tell stories and convey value — all the while embodying a meta-story and a set of meta-values about artisanship (all those handmade robots, sets and controllers!), technology, progress, individualism… I could listen to this all day. The 1964 World's Fair is very high on my shortlist of places to visit when I get my time-machine.

Disneyland Goes To the World's Fair is a rare behind the scenes look at Walt Disney's contribution to the 1964 World's Fair. It was here where Walt unveiled several unique attractions and exhibits that would forever change not only Disneyland, but greatly influence the future of Disney Theme Parks yet to be imagined. This 5-CD Set includes a 24-page full color booklet and more than three hours of recordings from the classic attractions and exhibits Walt Disney and his team of artists created for the 1964 New York World's Fair.

Progressland: Behind-the original World's Fair scenes recordings and original music from the Progressland Exhibit, featuring a never-before released production of Carousel of Progress.

Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln: Experience the sounds of the original Illinois Pavilion. As a special treat, you'll hear the original recording sessions of the man who gave Mr. Lincoln his voice (Royal Dano) and listen to the lavish original score by Disney legend Buddy Baker also presented as individual tracks.

"It's A Small World": Includes the original demo recording of the legendary song as well as isolated vocals and a grand master mix of the varied international interpretations of the famous tune directly from the attraction soundtrack. Also included is a tour of this charming "little boat ride" with Walt Disney as your guide.

Magic Skyway: Takes you on a time-traveling "road trip" with Walt Disney as he personally escorts you hrough the Age of Dinosaurs, the ascent of man, and to the distant future.

BONUS DISC: Carousel of Progress – Alternate Universe Version

Walt Disney and The 1964 World's Fair

(Thanks, Jon!)