Sparks cover of "I Want To Hold Your Hand"

Vann Hall sends this 1976 cover of "I Want To Hold Your Hand" by Sparks. (Audio only.) It was recorded for their Big Beat album but didn't make the cut. The track was eventually released as a vinyl single and later as a CD bonus track. From a site about the band:

Even though "Big Beat" was going to be a more stripped down album with more guitars and fewer of Ron's keyboards Russell Mael was going to do a lush, orchestral duet version of Lennonn & MacCartney's "I Want To Hold Your Hand" with Marianne Faithfull. Producer Rupert Holmes did syrupy score for the song, yet Marianne Faithfull dropped out of the project at the last minute leaving Rupert Holmes, Jeffrey Lesser and The Maels with a score and no one to sing it. Russell Mael ended up singing the song, yet it seemed so incongruous even for Sparks, that this execrable orchestral assault produced by Jeffrey Lesser never appeared on an album. Link