Steampunk D&D Beholder sculpture

Daniel Proulx married his love of Dungeons and Dragons with his steampunk jewelry making hobby and produced this handsome sculpture based around a taxidermy reptile eye:

Since I was I kid I've been a fan of Dungeons and Dragons.
The Beholder has always been one of the most feared monster… Here's my first Beholder-Steampunk-Robot .
I plan to make bigger one, this one is only 4 cm large .

Right upper arm: You can imagine that arm shooting a disintegrating
Newtonian beam.

Left upper arm: Triple saw made from vintage brass clock gear.

Top arm: Made from mysterious yellow amber.

Bottom arm: a single magnetic wheel for an alternative transport and stability.

Beholders floatshover above the ground. They are known to be obsessively tyrannical.

Steampunk Beholder Miniature robot sculpture

(Thanks, Daniel!)