Putumayo blog

Putumayo World Music launched their blog with an interesting collection of interviews about the "universal appeal of kids music." They spoke with DJ Spooky, Lila Downs, and Herbie Treehead. From the Putumayo blog:

Why do you think children’s music has such a universal appeal?

Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky: “Something about children’s music plays on the innocence and openness that children have. You can’t listen to kids music without a sense of wonder at the simplicity. I think children’s music is catchy precisely because it is about memory - we always strip memory down to its most essential components. That’s why people like “riffs” - it’s a way of simplifying and connecting fragments, just like sampling.”

Official Blog Launch & Kickoff Post: DJ Spooky, Lila Downs and Herbie Treehead Discuss Kids Music!