We Make Stories: tool to let kids make physical books

Jeremy Ettinghausen from Penguin sez,

We Make Stories is a unique suite of digital tools for children to create, print and share a variety of innovative story forms. Members will be able to create pop-up books, customise audiobooks, design their own comics, produce exciting treasure maps and learn how to create a variety of entertaining adventures.

The site has been developed with a group of interaction designers and is aimed at 6-11 year olds.

Jason Bradbury, author of Dot Robot and presenter of the Gadget Show has played with the site and says; "I am constantly playing with technology and stories – this site brings the two together in a blissfully easy to use and engrossing interface."

Membership of the site will cost £5.99/$9.99 for individuals and £49.99/$74.99 for a schools licence (up to 15 users).

We Make Stories

(Thanks, jeremyet!)