Fresh Greens: Bull Semen Hair Conditioner


Each week, our friends at TreeHugger share some of their most curious and provocative posts with us. We're doing the same over on their turf. Enjoy! — The Boingers

A poisonous cloud of endosulfan blew through the Sierra Mountains and into crucial frog habitats. What happened next?

You thought Fiji water was evil because it is shipped halfway around the world in plastic bottles. Here's another reason for it to deserve your ire.

An oldie but a goodie: our green guide to sex! (PG-13 photos are safe for work, unless you work around kids)

An iPhone app for controlling your car? It's real. Just not your car…yet.

Had a bird poop facial or Bull Semen conditioning treatment lately? What other horrors are we massaging into our heads?

You won't get fries with that. Bicycle discrimination at the drive through.

After sending skinny nude models to protest fur, PETA calls overweight women "whales" in a new ad campaign. Sounds like PETA has a body image problem. Does it need a hug?