Crossed Genres cover art featuring MLK as Terminator, KKK as girl-ninjas, with lashings of go-go boots and jetpacks

Brianna Wu's latest art project is the cover art for the magazine "Crossed Genres." Frank Wu explains, "Brianna went to University of Mississippi, where a famous race riot took place – thus the building is the Lyceum, where you can still see the bullet holes in the columns. As one of the lone liberals on campus, Bri wanted to do her own comentary on it. So… we see Martin Luther King hit with a rocket, but it's ok – because he's a Terminator. And we also see KKK members, but they're all sexy ninja girls in skimpy white outfits, and now that MLK is free at last from his fleshy shell, he's going to kick their butts. Sixties girls in go-go boots and jetpacks fight alongside."

Crossed Genres cover art

(Thanks, Frank!)