Man stops trial with utterly disgusting behavior

James Orr, 66, was on trial in Cincinnati, Ohio yesterday for robbery and kidnapping when he disrupted the hearing with an extreme act of grossness. Orr reportedly asked his attorney if he had any food. When the attorney told him no, Orr apparently put his colostomy bag on the table, squeezed out the contents, and then either ate, or pretended to eat, his own feces. The Sheriff's deputy cuffed him and removed him from the room which the judge then closed for cleaning. Orr's trial will continue next week. From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

(Hamilton County prosecutor David) Prem admitted he almost vomited up while watching Orr's antics but suspects they were done with a purpose.

"He's a con man. He has over 50 aliases and has convictions in Ohio and New York for thefts and robberies," Prem said.

"He's done just about everything a person can do to avoid justice. He feigned (mental) incompetence" leading up to this trial, Prem said.

Orr was ordered to trial after court mental health workers deemed him mentally sound and a faker.

"I'm completely convinced his whole goal here is to cause as much mayhem as he can," Prem said of Orr.

(Orr's attorney Norm) Aubin will have jail workers again check Orr's mental health before continuing the trial Wednesday.

"Bizarre act halts court hearing" (Thanks, Tara!)