Urban Dictionary: Boing-Boinged!


Boing Boing has made it into the only dictionary that matters. Yes, thanks to Andrea Mangini, the phrase "Boing-Boinged" is in the Urban Dictionary! Here is the entry in full:

To have your random cat video, or steampunk mouse armor, or technique for weaponizing bacon posted to BoingBoing.net.. People send all kinds of random and amazing stuff to Boing Boing, and the editors decide which stuff is the best and then post it, along with a trackback to the person who sent the submission. Getting "Boing Boinged" virtually assures you will at least 15 milisceonds of nerdy fame, along with a host of new Twitter followers, new hits on your blog, or whatever.

"OMFG! The video of our wedding party doing the Thriller dance just got Boing-Boinged!"

Urban Dictionary: Boing-Boinged (Thanks, Chris Arkenberg!)