Teen cries true blood

Tennessee teen Calvin Inman has a medical condition that causes him to cry tears of blood. The only context in which I've ever seen or imagined this is vampire novels and TV shows, like the HBO series "True Blood." I had no idea this happened in real life to non-vamps.


[Inman's mother] hoped that once doctors finally witnessed the phenomenon, there would be answers. But that wasn't the case. "The people at the hospital said they had never seen anything like it," Mynatt recalls. She says her son underwent an MRI, a CT scan and an ultrasound, but none of the tests had abnormal results. "'We don't know how to stop it,'" Mynatt remembers being told by doctors. "It just has to run its course."

Dr. Barrett G. Haik, director of the University of Tennessee's Hamilton Eye Institute, says there is an answer, sort of. He says "crying blood," a condition called haemolacria, is common in people who have experienced extreme trauma or who have recently had a serious head injury. But a case such as Inman's is still a medical mystery. "What's really rare is to have a child like this," Haik says. "Only once every several years do you see someone with no obvious cause."

Via CNN, here's the related CNN segment video on YouTube.