Light show caused by astronaut urine

A sparkly glow in the sky on Wednesday night was actually astronaut piss. The space shuttle Discovery dumped urine and waste water into space after undocking from the International Space Station. Apparently, it's not uncommon to see water dumps in space from Earth. From (photo by Abe Megahed):

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The light show Wednesday was aided by an unusually large amount of water being dumped all at once – about 150 pounds (68 kg), said NASA spokeswoman Kylie Clem. Discovery had just undocked from the International Space Station the day before, and had not been able to unload waste water during the 10-day visit…

Abe Megahed, photographed the tail at 9:40 p.m. EDT (0140 GMT) Wednesday from Madison, Wisconsin.

"I just watched the shuttle and station flyover (8:40 PM CST 9/9/09) and was surprised to see that the shuttle was sporting a massive curved plume," he wrote. "What could it be? Something venting? An OMS burn? RCS thrusters? A massive, record breaking urine dump?"

"Mystery Explained: Glow in Night Sky Was Astronaut Urine"