Is the Wheego Whip the "Cadillac of neighborhood electric vehicles?"


Over at Autoblog Green, Sebastian Blanco has an extensive review/test-drive writeup about the Wheego Whip. Snip:

For your $19k – minus a potential $7,500 from the federal government – you get a compact two-seater that "when it makes a donut, it doesn't even leave a hole," Korchin said. Above all, this is a city car. There is no tremendous get-up-and-go in the Whip, but it performs just fine in city traffic.

Bottom line, according to the review: it's "solid." You won't be winning any cross-country speed races in this thing, but it sounds like a nice choice among NEVs — that's shorthand for "neighborhood electric vehicles." Here's a PDF from Wheego with more specs.