CreatureCast video: multicellularity explained

The second episode of CreatureCast is now online! Created by evolutionary biologist Casey Dunn and his students at Brown University, CreatureCast is a terrific Web video series about unusual animals and evolution. Sophia Tintori, a student whose research focuses on marine invertebrates called Siphonophorae, put together the first episode, about squid iridescence, and this one too. Professor Dunn says:

(Tintori) spoke with Cassandra Extavour about the evolution and development of multicellularity, and how the ability to contribute to the next generation of organisms is usually restricted to a small population of special cells. This topic is near and dear to the research we do in our lab. Among other things, we look at the division of labor, including the ability to reproduce, in siphonophores.

CreatureCast Episode 2