Anne Frank on film

Above is the only film footage of Anne Frank, the inspirational 13-year-old diarist who hid from the Nazis in an Amsterdam attic before finally dying in a concentration camp. The brief clip shows Frank, then 12, looking out of her window during her neighbor's wedding on July 22, 1941, one year before her family went into hiding. The film was made available on a YouTube channel just launched by the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam. From CNN:

Other videos show the chestnut tree that Anne saw every day from her window and the church bells that rang while she was in hiding. She mentions both of these in her diary.

Otto Frank can be heard on the site, talking about his daughter's diaries in a video excerpt made in the late 1960s before his death. He said she talked about and criticized many things, but he learned her real feelings only by reading her diary.

"I was very much surprised about deep thoughts Anne had, a seriousness, especially her self-criticism. It was quite a different Anne I had known as my daughter. She never really showed this kind of inner feeling," Otto Frank said.

"Anne Frank has channel on YouTube" (CNN)

Anne Frank Museum Amsterdam