Andrew Brandou's psychedelic painting show

 Preview Brandou Brandou-Images Vulpesvulpessm

 Preview Brandou Brandou-Images Midnight Blooms 550-1

Pop surrealist Andrew Brandou has a mind-bending new show of paintings opening Halloween evening at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, California. The show, titled "In The Garden of the Mystic," runs until November 18. Above, "Vulpes Vulpes" on left and "Midnight Blooms" on right. From the gallery:

Influenced by 1960's posters, music and psychedelia, Brandou's new work takes a walk on the wild side and a more organic narrative ensues. The artist's iconic flower motifs, skulls, bunnies and boxes transform into a kaleidoscope of stunning psychonautic imagery. Ornate gold leaf accents decorate mind-expanding dreamscapes where the ego merges into the id, fear is released and beauty resides. The exhibition will also include a rare series of limited-edition silkscreens on wood block based on vintage rock posters.

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 Preview Brandou Brandou-Images Brandou Mirror-1


 Preview Brandou Brandou Climbing Out

"Climbing Out"

 Preview Brandou Brandou-Images Lookingforhim600

"Looking for Him"

 Preview Brandou Brandou-Images Midnightself-1

"Midnight Self"

Andrew Brandou preview