Wee English church rebuilt on 22nd floor of Osaka tower

A Japanese property developer has rebuilt a 100-year-old English country church at 3/4 scale on the 22nd floor of a tower in central Osaka. The developer hopes to capitalise on the Japanese vogue for being married in traditional English churches, offering a low-cost, local alternative to flying to England.

On the same floors as the reproduced church are photographic studios and restaurants, while a hotel and honeymoon suites are above.

The Grade-I listed church is one of the few with a thatched roof in England.

Reverend Will Pridie said the developers had visited the church and took laser measurements to enable the new one to be built…

"We are a very tiny village and congregation. I think everyone is just astonished that anyone would do such a thing – especially when you consider it is 21 floors up."

English church rebuilt in Japan

(Image: BBC)