National Gaming Day at libraries a massive success

Jenny "Shifted Librarian" Levine and the American Library Association threw an astoundingly successful National Gaming Day in America's libraries. This is the second year for NGD, and the participation more than doubled. Patrons played all kinds of games — tabletop, board games, video games — and discovered their libraries and their communities.

* Number of libraries registered to participate: 1,365
* Number of libraries that submitted # of players for NGD activities: 549
* Total number of players for NGD activities: 31,296
* Number of libraries in the national Super Smash Bros Brawl tournament (simultaneous): 42
* Number of libraries in the national Rock Band High Score tournament (asynchronous): 14
* Number of non-US libraries that participated (that we know of): 2 (Canada, Japan), with interest expressed from Morocco for next year)

* "…I really witnessed a sense of community as potentially shy teens reached across the table and helped one another by whispering tips to each player during their SSB brawl matches. Additionally, without any prodding, those waiting to play or those who had "lost" their match, began forming groups to try out and play the board games sent to us from North Star Games and Hasbro. It was wonderful to see middle school aged contestants and high schoolers come together to teach and play against/with one another."

* "It is usually very difficult to get boys into the library, but National Gaming Day changed that. On November 14th, there were boys waiting outside for the library to open! The boys all came for the Wii bowling tournament. Although our group was small, we had more boys in the library at one time (for a non-summer reading program) than I have seen in my eleven years working here."

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