Hardcore hip-hop Xmas

djBC writes, "As you probably know from the steady stream of Holiday mashup albums I've been compiling over the past 5 years, I dig Christmas music, and I keep remixing it. In this case I took the Big D and The Kids Table Christmas paean to Red Sox, victory, drinking, heavy Boston accents and holiday merriment in general, cut it into a hip-hop beat and enlisted rapper Black Element to bust rhymes. Anyway- I finally did it! I made a Christmas single! AND video! Woo! I hope people get a kick out of it and it ends up on some holiday mixes right next to 'White Christmas.' Or something.
Directed by Craig Shannon of Imagavision Films.

Wicked Hip-Hop Christmas

The original Big D and The Kids Table video for 'Wicked Hardcore Christmas' (2004)

(Thanks, djBC!)