Not Just Drones: Militants Can Snoop on Most U.S. Warplanes


Yesterday, news broke that insurgents used a $25 application available online to hack into US military drone video feeds, and view, copy, and potentially distribute their contents. Hmmmm… Unauthorized copying of audio and video material? Some on Twitter have suggested that we might just send the MPAA or RIAA after them — then, for sure we'll at last find Bin Laden. But Wired Danger Room's Noah Shachtman says,

Tapping into drones' video feeds was just the start. The U.S.
military's primary system for bringing overhead surveillance down to
soldiers and Marines on the ground is also vulnerable to electronic
interception, multiple military sources tell Danger Room. That means
militants have the ability to see through the eyes of all kinds of
combat aircraft — from traditional fighters and bombers to unmanned
spy planes. The problem is in the process of being addressed. But for
now, an enormous security breach is even larger than previously

Here's the Danger Room article.