Peter Serafinowicz is Paul McCartney in Zemeckis' "Yellow Submarine"

BoingBoing readers who follow the work of British funnyperson Peter Serafinowicz (he of the soon-to-be-released DVD!) know the guy plays a mean Paul McCartney. Remember "I'll Kill"? Apparently, Robert Zemeckis agrees: the director cast Serafinowicz as McCartney in his 3D Disney remake of the animated Beatles classic Yellow Submarine.

John Lennon will be played by Dean Lennox Kelly (Shameless, Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel), George Harrison by Cary Elwes (Christmas Carol, Princess Bride), and Adam Campbell (Epic Movie) is Ringo Starr. Although, as you can see from the "Peter Serafinowicz Show" clip above, Serafinowicz could have easily taken on all four roles. Physical performance of musical numbers will be mo-capped from Beatles tribute band Fab 4, but you'll be hearing the original songs recorded by the Beatles.

Serafinowicz is in Los Angeles this week, doing motion-capture for the 3D feature. This blogger spoke with him yesterday about the production. Without giving away too much of the still-under-wraps goods, I cautiously predict the project will hit vital nerd chakras for Boing Boing readers: edgy alt-comic talent, 3D animation and cool on-screen tech effects, and the cosmic Disney-Beatles vortex.

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