Rare alternative version of Beatles track from White Album discovered

Above: A recently-discovered alternative version of the song "I Will" from The Beatles' White Album (1968), originally deemed too controversial to be included on the release. This rare track was remastered by audio engineer Peter Serafinowicz.

Paul McCartney 'I'll Kill'


  1. Great expressions. Mugs with the best of them and he’s got the head-bobbing down. Should have been an out-take from the Rutles.

  2. Yes, from “The White Album.” You know: Charles Manson, Sharon Tate. I’m sure the video’s authors are too young too remember. Never the less: too soon.

    1. Are you being serious?

      I’m adrift in a sea of irony, I think, and it’s hard to tell what’s intentional and what’s not.

    2. ^Laughs at inappropriate times.

      It’s not “too soon” you just don’t like dark humor. Some people do, some people don’t. It probably has to do with whether or not they use laughter as a coping mechanism.

  3. A beautiful start to a too-early morning. By the way, check out Serafinowicz’s brilliant “Look Around You,” the bright future as seen from 1980.

  4. Robbing Paul to pay Peter??

    Serafinowicz is a most prolific Tweeter too, with lots of good one-liners!

  5. That was fantastic, and before I saw the name Peter Serafinowicz, I was inclined to believe it. After all the Beatles did put out “Run For Your Life”.

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    1. If anyone’s looking for the crazy part in this video, it starts about halfway through, after Sgt. Pepper.

    2. ummm. I can’t figure out where you and in fact, goodfight are coming from. It seems they are out to ‘expose’ the Beatles.

      Mission accomplished. I now rate the Beatles a little bit higher having learned that they bothered with all the satanic stuff.
      I mean; you gotta be reeeaaalllly convinced of your convictions before walking off down that path.

      How cool is that? The Beatles were satanic.

      1. @Wild Olive – The Beatles? Satanic (Troll much?)? Please.
        As for the video… subtly twisted. I like it.

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