Kids' sleepovers with the dinosaurs in London's Natural History Museum

OK, this is pretty awesome: groups of five or more kids and their grownups can sleep over at London's Natural History Museum once a month.

Dino Snores is suitable for children aged 8-11 years old. Accompanying adults are free. There must be a minimum of 5 children and 1 adult in your group.

Experience lots of thrilling activities and stalk the corridors as night descends and shrouds the huge hulking form of Tyrannosaurus rex in shadows.

Activities include:

* a torch-lit tour of some of our famous galleries including the Dinosaurs
* snuggling down at midnight after the fun in the shadow of our Central Hall Diplodocus skeleton for the night.

The morning after, tuck into breakfast and other fun activities before the Museum opens its doors to the public.

Dino Snores

(Thanks, Zorca!)

(Image: Dinosaur Fossil @ Natural History Museum, London, a Creative Commons Attribution photo from Darren Copley's photostream)