HOWTO Make The Internet (as depicted in The IT Crowd)

Here's an Instructables HOWTO from Melty Mcface explaining how to make a replica "The Internet" as depicted in Series 3, Episode 4 of The IT Crowd, "The Speech." Wikipedia summarizes: "After winning Employee of the Month, Jen finds herself less than inspired to write the required acceptance speech, and having found herself arrogant from her victory, asserts her power in the IT Department. When she eventually turns to Roy and Moss for help, they seen an opportunity to humiliate her in front of the whole department when they lend her a visual aid, on loan from the top of Big Ben and completely demagnetized by Stephen Hawking himself – "The Internet". The duo tell Jen that the Internet, complete with small black box, is completely wireless, and that if the red light on the top of the box stops flashing, the Internet will be destroyed."

How to make The Internet (from The IT Crowd).

(Thanks, Ed!)