Ebook checklist from EFF

Hugh from the Electronic Frontier Foundation sez, "EFF has released a white paper to help readers of digital books answer questions about privacy, book licenses, DRM and other issues."

1. Does it (your e-book reader/service/tool, etc.) protect your privacy?

* Does it limit the tracking of you and your reading?
* Does it protect against disclosure of your reading habits?
* Does it give you control over the information it collects about you?
* Does it tell you what it's doing with the information it collects and can you enforce its commitments to you?

2. Does it tell you what it is doing?

* How clear are the disclosures? Will they be updated and, if so, how?
* Does it let you or others investigate to confirm that the product, device or service is actually functioning as promised?

3. What happens to additions you make to books you buy, like annotations, highlights, commentary?

* Can you keep your additions?
* Can you control who has access to your additions?

4. Do you own the book or just rent or license it?

* Can you lend or resell?
* Is it locked down or do you have the freedom to move it to other readers, services or uses?
* Can the vendor take it away or edit it after you've purchased it?

Digital Books and Your Rights: A Checklist for Readers

(Thanks, Hugh!)