U Wisconsin symphony concert based on fantasy novels, video games, manga, anime

On Feb 27, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Symphonic Band and Wind Symphony is giving a concert based on sf/f films, video-games, and books, which sounds awesome. And I'l honored that the prof who organized it, Kevin Collins, cited my last couple of novels as inspiration for the theme.

"I think that it's fair to say that this program was especially inspired by (Doctorow's) "Makers" and "Little Brother," Collins said. "I find myself fascinated by his descriptions of the contemporary popular sub-cultures, and the creative culture of modification and personalization that has developed around new technologies."

The concert will begin with the Symphonic Band performing excerpts from "Symphony No. 1, Lord of the Rings," by Johan Demeij. The work is based on the books of J.R.R. Tolkien, not the more recent Peter Jackson film trilogy. Those selections will be followed by "New Moon," Alexandre Desplat's score from the popular movie Twilight New Moon.

The combined Wind Symphony/Symphonic Band will turn next to a suite from the Batman film, The Dark Knight, by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard.

Following an intermission will be "Howl's Moving Castle," a symphonic fantasy by Joe Hisaishi created for the popular children's anime classic.

The evening will close with "Video Games Live Suite," an arrangement by Ralph Ford of six musical selections from video games: "One Winged Angel" from Final Fantasy VII; "Myst III Main Theme" from Exile; "Bounty Hunter Theme" from Advent Rising; "Halo Theme" from Halo; "Coronation and Baba Yetu" from Civilization IV; and "Kingdom Hearts."

First Fantasy: Music from Video Games, Anime, Fantasy Films and Fiction

(Thanks, Kevin!)