Librivox free audiobook publisher fundraising drive

Hugh sez, "LibriVox, makers of free public domain audiobooks, has launched a fund-raising campaign to help pay for servers and other sundry costs.

LibriVox is the most prolific audiobook publisher in the world, putting out 75-100 books a month, all free, all public domain, all volunteer-read. The catalog currently stands at 3,179 books, in 29 languages."

They're after $20K, to pay for the servers, a site redesign, and a new back-end, and they say it'll last them for three years. I love the Librivox catalog, and this sounds like a good investment in its future. I kicked in $100.

We're asking for donations for the following:

  • to cover hosting costs for our website (about $5,000/year)*, which includes:
    • the site you are reading now;
    • the forum;
    • the wiki;
    • the catalog;
    • a whole lot of back-end software to host and process audio before it goes to the Internet Archive
    • but does NOT include hosting audio files which is done by
  • to redesign the site and improve its accessibility
  • to make the LibriVox catalog easier for listeners to use
  • to make the management software easier for admins to use

We expect this fund-raising drive to sustain us for three years at least.

LibriVox Needs Your Help

(Thanks, Hugh!)