Steampunk makers lineup announced for this Saturday's White Mischief night in London

Toby from London's White Mischief steampunk nights sez,

Thanks to the help of Boing Boing readers and numerous steampunk enthusiasts, White Mischief has collected over a dozen of the UK's finest steampunk makers and artisans for its "Great Exhibition" party this Saturday.

Alongside the stage variety acts and the various encounters with live bands, DJs and neo-Victorian characters, there will also be stalls selling steampunk drawings, magazines, costumes and even crafts such as modded USB sticks.

A full list is here but highlights include:

– Ornithopter wings from Prof Maelstromme

– Mechanical arm from Sydeian Creations

– A chocolate stall, steamdrone and steam cannon from The Clockwork Quartet

– Steampunk mods from Captain Shipton Bellinger

Art exhibits and craft stalls at "The Great Exhibition"

(Thanks, Toby!)