Musicians record album in rebuttal to File Sharing is Killing Music article

Marc Weidenbaum sez, "The May 2010 issue of the magazine The Atlantic featured an article by Megan McArdle — the article in which she not only blames 'a generation of file-sharers' for the destruction of the music industry, but also manages to confuse the record industry with the music industry.

In a small irony, the illustration used to decorate the article interpolated a detail of a preexisting work that appears to not yet be in the public domain.

I got nine musicians (with more to come) to contribute to a non-verbal 'answer album' to McArdle's article.

They accomplished this by interpreting the article's illustration (by the talented artist Jeremy Traum) as if it were a musical score.

I posted it late Monday with seven completed tracks, and have already received (and posted) two additional tracks, and more seem to be on their way."

Marc WeidenbaumDespite the Downturn: An Answer Album
(Thanks, Marc!)

(Image: Thumbnail from larger image by Jeremy Traum)