Bootsy Collins launches world's first online "University of Funk"


Legendary funk music pioneer Bootsy Collins (best known for performing with James Brown in the '60s, and Parliament/Funkadelic in the '70s), has announced that he will soon open "the world's first Funk University for bass players of planet Earth." Classes start on July 1, 2010, and will be geared towards intermediate to advanced level bass guitar players. Snip:

Because a groove is a terrible thing to waste, this sonic learning institution will be unlike anything before, as Professor Collins and the finest bassists in music will unleash an intense curriculum, on the web, for intermediate to advanced funk disciples within the program.

The Funk University is here, and you can follow Sir Bootsy on Twitter. Consider him verified. I love the photos he tweets every day, like this one. Trivia: Like Boing Boing's own David Pescovitz, he's from Cincinnati, Ohio.