Criterion-backed streaming film service MUBI coming to the PS3

Simultaneously the best and most heartbreaking news you'll see all day: MUBI, the indie/arthouse-focused streaming film and social network site previously known as TheAuteurs (and also as The One Site I Wish I Could Use As A Dating Site [Not For Lack Of Trying]) has announced a new partnership with Sony to bring its library of films to the PS3 as a Netflix-like downloadable application. Which is amazing!

The hitch: it's only launching in the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Iberia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Nordic countries, Australia and New Zealand. Which makes me very, very sad (but I mean, awesome for you guys).

The service will be coming this fall with both pay-per-view and monthly all-you-can-watch subscriber levels. In the meantime, have a peek around the rebranded site, and marvel at the fact that it lets you stick a massive banner image of Tarkovsky's Stalker on your profile, as a default, because that's just how much they "get you".

Immerse yourself in cinema at home with MUBI [MUBI, Sony UK minisite]