Snails on meth have better memories


Snails that are high on methamphetamine remember simple "this happens when I do that" lessons longer than sober snails put through the same trials.

Interesting for somebody like me, who takes Ritalin to treat the symptoms of ADHD. Studies have shown that ADHD is linked to lower levels of dopamine in the brain and that stimulant drugs—in low, keep-your-teeth, no-turning-tricks-behind-a-7-11 doses—bring those brains back up to into the "normal" range. I've long wondered whether the improvements I see when I take Ritalin have more to do with getting around to doing certain tasks, or simply remembering to think about doing them at all (it's sometimes hard to tell a difference).

The researchers on this snail study are hoping for some insights into the biology of addiction, but I'd imagine there's something to learn about ADHD treatment from this line of questioning, as well.

Image courtesy Flickr user, via CC